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If your washing machine is faulty or not working up to standard, we offer an expert repair service with same day call out to save the hassle and expense of taking your laundry to a launderette. No call out charge, so if the machine is irreparable or uneconomical to repair there’s no hidden fees, just a loyal service.

Most common faults :

-Not Heating

-Won't activate

-Loud Noise

-Longer than normal dry times

-Burning Cloths

-Burning smell coming from unit

-Lint not escaping

-Foul Odors

-Not Spinning

-Not Draining

-Not Spinning

-No Start

-Stopped Mid-Cycle

-Door Won't Open

-Door Won't Close

-Clothes Come Out Dirty

-Clothes Still Soaked After Wash

-Soap Not entering the Unit

-No Hot Water

-No Cold Water

-No Water 

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